Project Description

Cityscape Global is the largest and most influential real estate investment and development event for emerging markets globally. Leading real estate companies like Emaar, DAMAC, Azizi. Etc. takes part to exhibit their upcoming projects, thus attracting lots of potential buyers from all around the world to Dubai.

Since Cityscape is a global real estate event, there was a need for top-class media and print quality. Most real estate companies at this event invest lots of effort & money in marketing to boost their brand. Some choose to market aggressively in the digital sector, and some choose to go with the print. However, quality was a huge problem.

We had the privilege to work with 5 big names participating in the event, including-






Each of these clients had different reasons for choosing us. When one wanted the best quality, the other one was looking for price feasibility, and some had to choose us as they couldn't get what they wanted from their existing printers. Some of our favourites were looking for product engineering which, is what we train our team for as we believe we would like to place ourselves as print consultants than just printers.

We, at Printmasters, supplied some of the major players at this event over the years. In 2018, we delivered the best work we produced for Cityscape to date.

Although it was very challenging for us to take on 5 projects from 5 different clients (all reputed), the toughest challenge for us was to get it all delivered by 1st October 2018, as the event was for 3 days starting from 2nd Oct-4th Oct.

We were able to provide our clients with the best quality products without compromising on the tight delivery or timeline. It was tough, but with the right attitude, mindset & hard work, we executed all 5 jobs on time. It was definitely some of the finest work we had done in 2018.