Four Season Tunisia
Project Description

Four Seasons is a global leading hotels & resort brand. Four Seasons and Resorts is an international luxury hospitality company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with over 100 hotels worldwide. Working with this brand was a fun and challenging project.

Four Seasons opened its Tunisia branch in 2018 where this modern Hotel brand seeks to provide a Mediterranean oasis that offers a calm, laid-back beachfront escape alongside a bustling business hub.

During the process of setting up this new branch, Four Seasons wanted a reliable printer who could meet all its print requirements in their hotel opening in Tunisia. We soon found out that the client was looking for a supplier who could produce the material in a stipulated timeline of 45 days.

So, the need was to get 133 materials, including:

  • Business Stationaries
  • Cake Boxes
  • Room key Card Pouches
  • Cake Boxes
  • Printed Shopping Bags and more.
  • …all print related to produce and deliver by December 28th.

    Due to the confidence we had in our skill and facility’s capacity, we sent our quote mong other competitors in the industry. Luckily for us, our previous working relationship with the company helped.

    Four Seasons have two distinct Four Seasons experiences in Dubai and have been our client for years now. After many years of servicing them, we had been working with its African market since 2015.

    Thanks to this previous relationship with the client, they knew our capabilities without having to pitch anything unreal.

    But then, the challenge was not winning the job but executing the job as they had fixed the opening day of the resort.

    After all the firefighting and pushing the bars in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, we produced the needed materials and get it ready for shipment on time. We were able to create 77 items within 32 Day, all print related. From Business stationaries, and cake boxes to room key card pouches.

    We also printed shopping bags, cake boxes too which had a lot of manual fabrication involved in the production. We helped reach the desired launch date without having to compromise on the quality of prints and we were glad the client was happy and pleased with all delivered items.