Project Description

Both AJMAL & SWISS Arabian Perfumes are some of the most popular perfume brands you can find in the world today. They are United Arab Emirates based perfume businesses that has built their customer base for years of existence and we at Print Masters are glad to share our experience with these big brands.


AJMAL is a 60 years old perfume manufacturer that has mastered the art of fragrance and perfume making while toping a unique niche in the perfume industry of the Middle East.

Boasting a large portfolio of fragrances that spans over 229 perfumes, AJMAL offers some of the finest fragrances you can find in the world. This global brand has a huge presence in the Middle East with over 132 retail outlets (42 in UAE) while also exporting to 24 countries across the globe.

Swiss Arabian

This is a luxury perfume division of the Swiss Arabian Perfume group which was established in 1974 in the UAE. It boasts a series of fragrances which spans over 104 perfumes that have been made specially for those who love true classy smell.

They produce over 35 million perfumes annually and export to over 80 countries, making them one of the go to perfume brands in the UAE and the world at large.

As big brands in the perfume industry, these companies needed to match their luxury fragrances with proper packaging that meets those values and heights they have set for themselves.

Print Masters have been privileged to work with these two brands, working with them to create luxurious perfume packaging that matches their luxurious style and perfumes.

Our print consultants have been able to serve as print engineers, providing the needed guidance and advice on the best package ideas that fits their respective brand ideas, vision and goal. This is made possible by our love for using a tailored approach. Once an idea was agreed upon, we went on to production.

To achieve our production phase, we needed to use the HUV Machine.

Our HUV Machine helped us provide these brands with improved prints on their perfume packages with higher quality while shortening production time through efficient drying.

This approach helped us avoid the need for coating varnish thanks to the printing system use of eco-friendly UV inks, which means reduced CO 2 emissions for more quality without disrupting mother nature.

The clients loved the results which carefully mirrored their brand identity without compromising on quality and delivery time, despite their large catalogue of products.