Project Description

Porsche is an exquisite German automobile manufacturer that specializes in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans. Known for its unique style and exquisite engineering, it was an amazing experience partnering with this global brand to achieve their marketing needs through quality prints.

Porsche always had their marketing and print done from Germany as the quality they look for was not something every other printer, marketing or advertising agency could produce.

Just like Porsche has got an identity, which is their brand and the logo, it isn’t easy for them to get all of it standardized advertising, marketing and stationary prints from one printer. Hence, they set out to meet their needs for quality prints with consistency.

One of the leading advertising agencies around Dubai had been working with Porsche, and they realized the work that the German company was doing was something we could produce with the kind of facility and quality we deliver. We were contacted with for the project and soon started working with this prestigious automobile company.

We produced the first job in January 2016.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art facility and the latest print technology, we could calibrate our machines with high standard software, and this allowed us to produce quality print products without compromising on the colours & quality that is synonymous with this global brand.

We have been able to keep Porsche happy with effective print service and the quality of prints that we deliver. From 2016, we have handled all the Porsche catalogues which can be seen in any Porsche showroom around UAE.

We have also worked with the brand to consistently meet their printing needs, creating elegant prints that meet their brand standards. Some of our Prints for Porsche include - Business stationaries, boxes, luxury packaging, VIP Boxes, Catalogues, Brochures, Business cards, Letterheads. Etc.